Volcán – De Mi Tierra
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A spirit hid in the shadows.

200,000 year ago, the Tequila Volcano erupted and gave fertility to the soil of Jalisco region, nourishing our terroirs and inspiring our communities.  Volcan De Mi Tierra pushed the boundaries of aging Tequila thanks to an innovative process : blending anejo and extra-anejo to reach an unprecedented complexity, removing the color and the most prominent wooden notes to keep the crisp flavors of the agave.

Our Tequila is not only loved by the people but also recognized with several awards.


Tasting notes & profiles.

Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino is a fusion of aromas: tobacco, dried fruits, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and the cooked agave, all come together to form the unique and elegant style that is indicative of Anejo Cristalino.

Volcan Cristalino unveils its best aromas sipped neat or savored chilled on the rock

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