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1. Editor - Contact
The www.volcan.com website (the "Site") is edited by AGROTEQUILERA DE JALISCO, a Mexican company (Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable) with: 

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• VAT number: AJA050519NF2    
• company phone number: Tel: + 52 3319543860      
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Chief Editor: Santiago Cortina (hereinafter “the Company”) 

For any enquiry regarding the Site, please contact us by sending an e-mail to: contact@volcan.com

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Any use of this Site by any person("you" or the "user") is governed by these terms & conditions of use (Terms & Conditions"). The purpose of these Terms & Conditions is to define the conditions of access, navigation and use ofthe Site. By accessing and using this Site,you accept without restriction to apply these Terms & Conditions., which will be an agreement between you and the Company.  We may revise or update this Terms & Conditions from time-to-time, in which case you will be notified of the changes and give your consent before entering the website. If you do not agree with the revise or update version of this Terms & Conditions, do not provide your consent and cease of using the Site.  The Company provides this Site only for people who have reached the minimum age legally required to consume and/or purchase alcoholic beverages (whichever is the higher) in their location of residence and provided that the consumption and/or purchase of alcoholic beverages is legal. For Mexico, the Site will be available exclusively for people who have reached 18 years, according to the applicable laws.  If no such laws exist in your location of residence, you must be over 21 to access the Site.


1.1 Access to the Site 
Necessary hardware and software to access the Internet and this Site are under sole liability of the users. The Site is compatible with several devices and browsers:
Browser/O.S (Operating System)
- Chrome 50+ / Windows, Mac OS, Linux,Android, iOS
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- Edge 50+ / Windows
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To the extent permitted by law, the Company reserves the right, to suspend or terminate access or navigation to all or part of the Site and/or its content and/or the available services without prior notice and to the extent permitted by law, without entitling any user to claim any indemnity or compensation. The aforementioned shall be regardless to any right that you may be entitled to according to Mexican Federal Consumer Protection Law (if applicable and provided you qualify as consumer according to the applicable laws).  
We undertake to make the Site available. As a requirement to access the Site, you must be of legal age in accordance with the applicable legislation, refraining from accessing to the Site who will have any legal impediment to carry out legal acts.

In the event that you are not able to access the Site for any reason, you may report such situation to the following email address contact@volcan.com and we will proceed to solve the problem as soon as possible.

In such a case, it is forbidden to obtain unauthorized access to the Site.

1.2 Links

The Site may include links to other websites or other internet sources. As the Company cannot control these other websites and external sources, the Company cannot be held responsible for the provision or display of these websites and external sources, and will not be held liable for the content, advertising, products, services or any other material available on or from these websites or external sources. Furthermore, the Company cannot be held responsible for any demonstrated or alleged harm or losses resulting to you from (directly or indirectly) or in relation to your use of, or the fact of having had confidence in, the content, goods or services available on these other websites or external sources.
1.3 User responsible behaviour

Each user warrants:
- to be of minimum age legally required to consume and/or purchase alcohol in accordance with the regulations of user’s location of residence,
- to use the Site for user’s lawfuluse only, excluding therefore any commercial use without the prior written consent of the Company,
- to provide, when relevant, personal data being true, up-to-date and accurate.

Users may not in any way represent or purport to act on behalf of the Company, its subsidiaries, its affiliates and their respective shareholders, officers, directors, employees.

When using the Site, users must behave responsibly, lawfully, with courtesy and respect towards other users,the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties.

User must notably refrain from:

- uploading, displaying, sending by e-mail or by any other mean any file containing viruses, codes, text files, software or similar items which could disrupt, interrupt, destroy, damage or limit functionalities of any software, hardware or telecommunication material,
- disrupting or interrupting the Site, its servers or networks connected to the Site, or infringing related requirements, procedures or rules,
- disrupting or interrupting the Site, its servers or networks connected to the Site, or infringing related requirements, procedures or rules,
- consulting confidential,privileged or non-public information of the Company or accessing a server or account operated by the Company for which the user is not expressly granted access to,
- trying to assess or test theSite’s vulnerability, and breaching security or authentication measures of theSite without the prior written consent of the Company,
- conducting any illegal activity or any other activity likely to infringe rights of the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, providers (including technical providers andcontractors), customers and third parties, as well as encouraging third parties to conduct any such activity,
- uploading, displaying, posting,sending by e-mail or by any other mean any unsolicited or non-authorised commercial or promotional content, junk mail, spam, chains or any other solicitation,
- uploading, displaying, sending by e-mail or by any other mean any content which the Company reasonably determines in its sole discretion to be illegal, detrimental, defamatory,offensive, racist, vulgar, obscene, threatening, violent, indecent, infringing third parties’ rights, shocking or disparaging or any other like objectionable content,
- sending or forwarding by e-mail or by any other mean any content of the Site to people under the legal alcohol drinking and/or purchasing age in their location of residence.

Each user must comply with any and all applicable regulations, laws and rules related to behaviour on the Internet and transmission of technical data.

When relevant, to the extent permitted by law, the Company reserves the right to terminate or withdraw any user’s access to the Site without notice in case ofbreach of the user’s obligations under these Terms & Conditions and/or ancillary documentation provided to you, without prejudice to claim damages to such defaulting user.

1.4 User generated content (when applicable)

Users are solely liable of any content they may post or upload onto the Site and the consequences of disclosing, broadcasting, forwarding or making available such content. The Company does not adhere to or approve any content, opinion, suggestion or notice generated by users and the Company holds no responsibility and liability in respect of any such content to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and unless for gross negligence.

However, the Company reserves the right to monitor use of the Site and to remove at any time, without notice, any content which condone excessive and/or irresponsible drinking, and any content which would breach these Terms & Conditions, and which the Company considers to be offensive, illegal or otherwise objectionable in any way

You accept that the Company may at its sole discretion freely and peacefully use, at no costand without any restriction, any content posted onto the Site in order to be displayed on the Site as well as to be displayed, reproduced on any other medium whatsoever, in the entire world, for the promotion and advertising of the Company, its products and services, without acknowledgment or compensation to you.  You hereby grant to us a perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free licence to use, copy, edit, modify, display, communicate or otherwise exploit such content.

1.5 Report of inappropriate content

Users can report to the Company any inappropriate content by sending an e-mail to contact@volcan.com    

The Site and each of its elements (including all text, images, web pages, sound,video, designs, trademarks, logos and other material on or accessible via the Site) as well as any software required to be used in relation to the former, data bases and newsletters (the "Content"), may contain confidential information and information that is protected by intellectual property rights or other law.

Unless otherwise expressly stated on the Site, the Company exclusively owns all intellectual property rights related to the Content and the Company does not grant any user with any license or other right other than a right to view the Site.

Any reproduction or use or other exploitation of content (in whole or in part) for commercial purposes (whatever the manner or the kind) is expressly prohibited.

Users must not copy, modify, create derivative pieces of work, assemble, decompile, assign, sub-licence or transfer in any way any content of the Site or any material (including software) related to the Site.    

The Company will at all times undertake all measures within its reach to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information shared to it. By way of example, it is stated that our Sites has the current SSL (Secure sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) security certificates.

The Company endeavours to ensure as far as possible, that the information provided on this Site is correct and up-to-date.

The Company allows free access to the Site and to the full extent permitted by law and regardless to any right that you may be entitled to according to Mexican Federal Consumer Protection Law (if applicable and provided you qualify as consumer according to the applicable laws);declines all responsibility for any matter that is not beyond its control or direct and express responsibility, and may not be held liable unless for gross negligence (exclusively for direct actual damages) including the following cases:

• for any interruption in provision of the Site or services accessible via the Site,
• for the occurrence of bugs, viruses and similar technical issues adversely affecting your ability to access this Site,
• for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party,
• and more generally, for any indirect or consequential harm, loss or damage, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequences, which may occur as a result of any type of access to the Site or any inability to access it or the credit given to any piece of information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.

The Company will be entitled to exclude from civilliability when the consumer breaches this Terms and Conditions in terms of Federal Consumer Protection Law. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions is intended to exclude, restrict or modify any right or remedy you have in statute, especially Federal Consumer Protection Law provisions that could be applicable, or otherwise to the extent that right or remedy cannot be excluded, restricted or modified under law.  

These Terms & Conditions are governed by Mexican Law. Unless imperative legal provision to the contrary, users and the Company hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Guadalajara, Jalisco any claim or matter arising under or in connection with the Content or use of the Site, including in case of guarantee, plurality of defendants or summary proceedings.

5- Notices

Claims and clarifications regardingthis Terms & Conditions may be served to following address:
567 Prolongation Medina Ascencio Ejido Huaxtla, El Arenal  45368, Jalisco, Mexico , as well to the following means:
Telephone number: 52  3319543860
E-mail: contact@volcan.com
Any notice sentby the Company to you will be made to the email address and/or to the address you provide for such regard. Notices made as agreed in this section will be considered valid and legally enforceable.

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